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Facilitators: Welcome



Tau Moses Arizmendi

Facilitator General

Tau Moses Arizmendi is a Consecrated Gnostic and Apostolic Bishop, through the lineage of Tau Michael Bertiaux, Tau Allen H. Greenfield, and Tau Joel Duez. He is also a Prelate of the Ecclesia Gnostica Heterodoxa, appointed by The Very Reverend Tau Persephone; Chief Prelate.

Tau Moses Arizmendi, 33*-*66, 90*, 95*, 97*, has been appointed the 96* International Grand Inspector of the I:.O:.K:.G:.I:. , and is the Facilitator General of The Abbey of Al Qiyamah and of “Ta Set Ma’at Lodge”, a Philosophical, Study, and Research lodge of The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraiim, whose Charter and Authority was bestowed upon him by The Right Reverend Tau Allen Greenfield.

He has been initiated in the Highest Degrees of Martinism - Unknown Superior Initiator (S::I::G::I::/Supèrieur Inconnu Grand Initiateur), The Elu Coen R+.,The Rosicrucians of the East, Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross, and the Egyptian Rite of Cagliostro.

He is a lineage holder of the Kashmir Shaivite Lineage of the Paramguru Abhinavagupta, a practitioner of Indigenous Espiritismo, Regla de Ocha, and a Vodouisant within a Traditional Society of Haitian Vodou.


Tau Lakshmi Nahash

Facilitator General

Tau Lakshmi 33* 90* 95* 97*, is a Consecrated Gnostic and Apostolic Bishop, through the lineage of Tau Michael Bertiaux, Tau Allen H. Greenfield, and Tau Joel Duez, and is an Ordained Priestess within The Ecclesia Gnostica Heterodoxa. She has been given Initiation into the Kashmir Shavite Lineage of the Paramguru Abhinavagupta, has successfully received attunement and training as a Master Reiki Teacher, and is qualified to teach and perform Reiki Solas Attunements.


Tau Jām-e-Khiżr

Facilitator General

Tau Jām-e-Khiżr *33*90*95*97,  is a Consecrated Gnostic and Apostolic Bishop, through the lineage of Tau Michael Bertiaux and Tau Allen H. Greenfield.

He is an active member of the Moorish Orthodox Church since 1996 where he has served as the co-founder of the Khalwat-i-Khidr Lodge in Dallas as well as the Sabian Order of the MOC's Adept Chamber (which focuses on the importance of pagan thought). He is also the founder of the Bushaq al-Hallaj Memorial Temple of the MOC. He works tirelessly to provide charters for developing MOC lodges internationally as well as various certificates, “passports”, and other documentation.

He is also a member of OTO since 1993 and a member of the Senate of the United States Grand Lodge. Locally in North Texas he has served as everything from treasurer and education committee chair to local body master. On the regional level he has served as a member of the Committee of Four and as Most Wise Sovereign of the Baphomet Chapter Rose+Croix. He also does graphic design work for USGL and various bodies throughout the US, which includes the USGL website and all of the graphic design work for the 10th North American OTO Conference. Since 1997 he has been a member of the EGC (Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica) where he has served as an ordained priest since 2010. 

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