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​Société du Miroir Fantastique is an International Society of Traditional Vodou Asogwe Lineage and Gnostic Voudon Lineage which carries the Franco-Haitian Gnostic Voudou initiations and consecrations in several lines of succession, including those of Lucien François Jean- Maine (Tau Ogdoade- Orfeo I) , Hector-François Pierre Michel Eugène Jean-Maine (Tau Ogdoade-Orfeo III), Michael Bertiaux (Tau Ogdoade-Orfeo IV), T. Allen H. Greenfield (Tau Sir Hasirim),and Joel Vichery Duez (Tau IaCobus), as well as the Voudon Gnostic and Traditional Haitian Vodou lineages and initiations Joel Vichery Duez received as Houngan Asogwe and Grand Baille Gue of Vodou on Port-Au-Prince (Haiti) and Togo, 2009, and passed on to our Hierophants on June 6th - 9th, 2023 in Mulhouse France.

Société Du Miroir Fantastique draws upon traditional Haitian Vodou, Gnostic Voudon, Ifa, and Obeah,  to act as magical instrument of occult power and continuum of the Vodou and Voudon Gnostic lineage of the Franco-Haitian OTO. We are an outlet for mystical inquiry leading to initiation into the mysteries and secrets of nature, as set forth in our teachings. 

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Société Du Miroir Fantastique: Image
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