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Abbey of Al Qiyamah - Ecclesia Gnostica Heterodoxa

Ecclesia Gnostica Heterodoxa

 is the Ecclesiastical arm of

The Thelemic Order,

and thus of

The Abbey of Al Qiyamah.

 The EGH ordains Clergy and performs sacraments.

The Abbey of Al Qiyamah has a distinct "clergy track" for those whose will it is to receive ordination.

The Holy Orders

Our Cleric Path is divided in two, the first is the Order Minor and the other the Order Major - or the Lesser and Greater Ordinations. The Lesser Ordinations explore the mysteries of the microcosmos. They are two in number, two “special offices” or ministries:

Minister of the word (Lector) and Minister of the altar (Acolyte)

The Greater Ordinations study the nature of the macrocosmos – the Mysteries of Light and Life. These are Deacon, Priest and Bishop.

The office of Prelate is administrative both regarding the Apostolic and Gnostic lineage and the outer manifestation of The Abbey of Al Qiyamah.

For those whose will it is to become clergy members of The Abbey of Al Qiyamah (a clergy-track is optional), upon application and acceptance, will become admitted to the Order of Lector, becoming a member of our clergy.

If there is no Temple location in close proximity, you will enter through our discussion forums including our Facebook “group” just for our clergy.  Lessons are delivered by webpage and email, and we meet weekly via zoom gatherings for regular mass, lectures, rituals, and degree work. Each summer we have a Convention, where Temple Masters, Clergy, and members convene for fellowship and in person degree work.

Upon successfully passing through all orders up to Priest, and a display of sufficient knowledge, you will be eligible to receive Holy Orders/Consecration as a Bishop within a valid apostolic and gnostic line, a line and authority that has been passed from Bishop to Bishop since antiquity.

Consecration can only be transferred by the ancient rite of laying on of hands, so when your spiritual formation is complete you will be required to make a trip to one of our Temple locations where one our Bishops will facilitate your rites.

If you are a Bishop that wishes to align with us, already working as a Thelemic, Alternative, Gnostic, Esoteric, (etc), clergy member, other forms of Ministry, or are performing the functions of a priest without ordination, have been, or are a deacon, you may be eligible for acceleration within our orders. If this is the case, and you are also interested in chartering a Temple of The Abbey of Al Qiyamah, please mention this to us upon our initial meeting.

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Friday Mass

Sundays Starting at 7:30pm EST


Private Midweek Ritual

Wednesday 7pm EST via Zoom


The Abbey of Al Qiyamah


Abbey of Al Qiyamah
Ta Set Ma'at Temple

Tau Moses Arizemdi
Jamesville, New York

Necropolis of Light and Shadow Temple

Tau Nagash
Canal Fulton, Ohio

Serapeum of Alexandria Temple

Tau Kanati
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Schechinatha Temple

Tau Hathar Amit Hotep
Cleveland Ohio

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