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Registration for the Thelemic Initiations and TTO Ordinations now open!!

Thelemic Initiations and TTO Ordinations

12 MAY 2022 - 14 MAY 2022


Finally after major pandemic disruptions, our May 2020 event which will feature official ceremonies of ordination, consecration, and the inaugural Thelemic initiations and initiator training is back on track for May 2022!

We look toward this event as a real kickoff for the organization and its initiatory track moving towards our first organizational elections in Fall 2022. In order to avoid a feeling of "mass" initiations, we will operate multiple concurrent initiatory tracks.

Initiations and initiator training 0°, I°, II° - $120

The Thelemic initiations are a complete track of initiation focusing on the Thelemic mysteries 0°- XIII°. While individuals may be excluded due to bad behavior, there are no "invitational" degrees, and it is fully expected that anyone who retains an interest in the initiations will be allowed to initiate fully 0°- XIII°. Approximately two new initiations will be delivered annually with the XIII° expected to be first performed in 2028. The initiations are chartered under the elected leadership of The Thelemic Order, and have a rotating council of senior initiates who oversee initiations, but there are no "special degrees" reserved to individuals. The Law is for all.

You are not obligated to take all three initiations, though you must take 0° to take I° and must take 0° and I° to take II°.

You are not required to take initiator training, but if you choose to, you will be able to initiate 0°-II° after completing the required safety and consent training. If you complete the safety and consent training beforehand, you will leave certified to initiate.

For prospective Sovereign Initiators, the Thelemic initiations 0°- II° do not require any massive or cumbersome props, or vast amounts of memorization. We will provide guidance on the minimal items needed to accomplish the initiations.

If you cannot stay for initiator training Sunday afternoon due to travel/flights there will be a followup online session to be certified.


Friday Night - Arrival and reception, consent and agreement for initiations

  • 5p Reg opens

  • 6p-11p Reception


  • 10a - 1p - 0° Initiation

  • 1-2p - Lunch

  • 2-5p - I° Initiation

  • 5-8p - Dinner

  • 8-11p - Ordinations, Consecrations, Celebratory Mass


  • 10a -1p - II° Initiation

  • 2-5p - Initiator Training *

  • Individuals who cannot stay for the training will be offered an alternative online session.

  • Initiator Training on Safety, Negotiation and Consent will be available beforehand in online sessions.

Training at the event will focus on degree specific training. Individuals who have completed the safety and consent training will be able to leave certified to initiate 0°-II°


Aside from a basic agreement to keep the exact wording and signs of the initiations confidential, which is made on personal honor, the 0-II° Thelemic initiations do not require any oaths to a living human or organization. Aside from a basic agreement not to publish the text of the initiations, the Thelemic initiations will never at any degree require an oath to a living human or organization. No one will be expected to swear to anything they have not agreed to after receiving a review copy well in advance.

All oaths will be available for review no later than December 21, 2021. Anyone who does not feel comfortable with the oaths will be accorded a full refund.


If you registered previously, your registration is still valid and paid. If you cannot attend on these dates and require a refund please contact us.

The Thelemic Order has and will support not only all government and health organization guidelines but all sane and scientific measures aimed at reducing the spread of COVID or any other pandemic disease. Exact procedures for the event will reflect prevailing science-based guidelines and best practices at the time, equal to or exceeding any legal requirements. In the event of a cancellation we will again offer full refunds or continuation to a future event date.

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