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Azoth Magazine: The Official Opus of The Thelemic Order

Our editors, Sib. McK (Heb Heru hery Ka) and Sib. Ayin/R.A.D. have released the first issue of our new magazine Azoth just in time for Walpurgisnacht.

There's a lot of great information about TTO, as well as Valley of Wada, Abbey of Al-Qimayah, Templu Tu'at Priory, Ecclesia Babalon, and Pineapple Abbey. You'll find Liber 120 a Thelemic Mass by Harmony Pax, Un Ganachakra Tematico, a Thelemic Mass in the Italian Language by Frater Ashtar of Priorato di Horus Maat, Cyprian Neith, Alejandro R. Rozan, and MORE!

If you're a TTO member Azoth should be slumbering in your inbox.

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