Martinist Order of Al Qiyamah

Today, many question the very reasons for their existence, and the meaning and purpose of their lives. Science, for many, only provides fragmentary and often unsatisfactory answers. Yet, since the earliest times, mankind has sought the answers to three fundamental questions:

Where do we come from?
Who are we?
Where are we going?

The Martinist Order is an Initiatory School which suggests a simple method and an effective means whereby one may begin to answer these three crucial questions. The Martinist Order, in utilizing a simple but provable method, imparts to its members a very precious tool, which allows each to awaken the Conscience. It is then up to each Initiate to put these Teachings into daily Practice. If these efforts are assiduous, progress will be made into the "Way of the Heart"; that is, success will be determined by achieving interior harmony; this in an indispensable stage towards Universal Harmony. Later, as a function of this progress and the aspirations of the Initiate, an "Operative Way" may be offered. In the development of Conscience, the Initiate often has the possibility to increase the appreciable perceptions of the exterior world; but this is only a consequence of the final goal that is sought to be attained: Reintegration.

The Initiations which connect us as Martinists to the Esoteric Tradition come to us in a direct line from Martinez de Pasqually, an 18th Century kabbalist, and Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, the Unknown Philosopher, who was a disciple and secretary of Pasqually. This initiatic filiation is a direct one-on-one transmission from Master to Student, and has been carried on uninterrupted from Saint-Martin through many individuals including Dr. Gérard Encausse (PAPUS), Victor Blanchard, Edouard Blitz, Teder, Constant Chevillion, Robert Ambelain, to name but a few, down to the present day.

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