The Abbey of Al Qiyamah is an Affiliate

of The Thelemic Order/ Ecclesia Gnostica Heterodoxa, and clerk house for a variety of spiritual technologies utilized by The Free Illuminist Movement (Congregational Illuminism), as established by Tau Allen Greenfield. We welcome all individuals seeking Gnosis, and keep our doors open to every soul seeking to welcome Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice into their hearts. We invite you to open your heart and allow yourself to become one with the Logos.

We stand as a beacon of light, with Temple locations in Central New York, Colorado Springs, Cleveland and Canal Fulton Ohio, and Cape Coast, Ghana.

We are a place of good, peace, and happiness for all who are moved to join us. Our initiates are richly diverse, with people of different spiritual practices and backgrounds coming together to learn, worship and serve together. Get in touch to find out more.


The Abbey of Al Qiyamah

A Free Illuminist Community of Seekers


 The Abbey of Al Qiyamah

7 Principals

(Adopted from Ormus Lodge, Atlanta Georgia)

Non Hierarchical

The Abbey of Al Qiyamah is nonhierarchical. By this we mean that our lodge places value on the principle of equality. We affirm the sanctity of all life and of the environment which nourishes and sustains us. We do not discriminate based on gender, creed, religion, sexual orientation, class, race or cultural background. Although we have grades/degrees within our lodge, we function more like a collective or cooperative where each member’s voice is given due weight and consideration. We do have a Lodge Facilitator. The role of a facilitator is to aid in the process of group decision making, keeping discussions on topic and ensuring that a steady stream of activity, mutual pursuits and explorations are offered within the lodge.


The Abbey of Al Qiyamah is experimental. By this we mean that our lodge is both exploratory and open-ended. We are not a “closed system”. We affirm the ever curious nature of consciousness to seek, to learn, to test, to question and to rejoice in the beauty and wonders of the universe. Research, documentation and peer review of collected data are highly encouraged.


Heterodox is the opposite of orthodox. Where orthodox means doing things one way, heterodox means doing things many ways. Thelema is syncretic by nature, and what is interesting, healthy, and respectful for one person’s practice may not fit another. Nor is doing things “like Crowley did them,” practical or meaningful to everyone. We empower our Clergy and Members to experiment and do those things which have personal meaning to them, rather than adhering to a strict formula. We are in agreement and alignment with the “Understandings” of The Thelemic Order. The understandings allow us to share general beliefs without forcing adherence to a strict or rigid set of absolutes. Members are expected to be “principally in sympathy with” the understandings, which is to say they mostly agree with them.

Free Illuminist

The Abbey of Al Qiyamah is Free Illuminist. By this we mean that our lodge is one of the nodes in the network of other diverse groups and individuals who have voluntarily joined together to work in mutual support of each other under the banner of Free Illuminism, aka Congregational Illuminism. We affirm and uphold the following four principles as shared by many who self-identify as Free Illuminists

  1. Spiritual growth is incompatible with authoritarian structure.

  2. Scientific Illuminism requires a non-dogmatic, experimental approach

  3. A free society linked in free communion should be actualized.

  4. We facilitate, we do not lead. We do the Work, we do not extract oaths or dues, or require dogmatic beliefs.


The Abbey of Al Qiyamah is esoteric. By this we mean that our lodge explores the inner aspects of nature, consciousness and the universe and not just externals. We affirm that things are not always as they appear to be. Sometimes we must dig deep to access hidden vistas of gnosis that may be obscured by attachment to the status quo or stunted by an unwillingness to peer behind the veil. Without dismissing accepted knowledge out of hand, we doggedly pursue an ongoing search for more Light.


The Abbey of Al Qiyamah is nonsectarian. By this we mean that Despite the fact that we are a “Thelemic” Lodge in which our foundational pillar is “The Law of Thelema”, our lodge is not limited to any one particular worldview, spiritual path, religious creed or magical tradition. We affirm the right of all peoples of good will and sincere intent to join with us in pursuit of the Great Work.


The Abbey of Al Qiyamah is principled. By this we mean that our lodge values honor, respect, individuality, creativity, compassion and diversity. Without being uptight or prudish, we do not tolerate narrow mindedness, bigotry, racism, sexism or any unethical behavior within our lodge or within the extended communities we are part of. We affirm and celebrate the life and liberty of each individual skilfully balanced with an awareness of our impact on each other, nature and society as a whole.

Taken together, I hope that the above seven points will aid those who have an interest in The Abbey of Al Qiyamah towards understanding our basic orientation, as well as serving as a reminder for those who are already part of this community of seekers.

Tau Moses A. Nahash

The Abbey of Al Qiyamah