Congregational Illuminism

 The Abbey of Al Qiyamah, through its Facilitators hold all Gnostic and Apostolic Successions passed on to us by Tau Michael Bertiaux and Tau Allen Greenfield, as well as the complete system and Lodge credentials of the Authentic and Magical Tradition of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim.

 Ta Set Ma'at Lodge was officially chartered by The Right Reverend Tau Allen Greenfield on January 28th, 2019.

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Congregational Illuminism is a collective of Seekers, gathering together under a non-Authoritarian banner to further the Great Work and to serve those whose Will is to promote these simple principles:


1. Spiritual growth is incompatible with authoritarian structure.
2. Scientific Illuminism requires a non-dogmatic, experimental
3. A free society linked in free communion should be actualized.
4. We facilitate, we do not lead. We do the Work, we do not extract
oaths or dues, or require dogmatic beliefs.


T Michael Bertiaux & T Allen Greenfield at Bertiaux's Chicago Temple, December 4, 1993 C.E. on occasion of Greenfield's reconsecration to the Episcopate.

Masonic titles, Traditional Apostolic Succession,Succession from Joseph Smith, Edward Alexander Crowley and Jules Doinel. 

The following is abstracted from “Masonic Dignities & Egregoric Successions”, periodically updated.

Bertiaux inaugurated Greenfield's Assembly of the Knowledge and Wisdom of Solomon effective September 21, 1985 C.E.

In the spiritual tradition of the Rites of Memphis and Misraim, Bertiaux also chartered Greenfield as Master of The Lodge of the Sons & Daughters of Aaron on October 10, 1992 C.E. 

Please note that, as Tau Michael Bertiaux has held, since June 16, 1979, all major independent lines of the traditional apostolic succession through consecration at that time by Bishop Forest Gregory Barber, all such lines flow to me by virtue of my consecrations by Bertiaux. Bertiaux, later reconsecrated by Jorge Rodriguez, then also consecrated me.

In line with my former associates at OTO's Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, Patriarch Tau Silenus and Primate Tau Apiryon, I hold that there is a distinction between, on the one hand, Spiritual Appointment and Consecration in the lineage of Edward Alexander Crowley (Baphomet XI°) and, on the other, the traditional Apostolic Succession. Both have their importance and validity.

In my view, and in having held both, I believe I can render a rather well informed and detached opinion on this. I held the succession of Baphomet as a Bishop "now and forever" through Consecration by both the Absolute Grand Patriarch of the Ordo Templi Orientis Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (November 19, 1988). While I am no longer associated with EGC-OTO, I hold with the Augustinian doctrine “once a bishop—always a bishop”, though I claim—and would have—no authority within OTO as of late July, 2006.

As Tau Silenus recognized me in writing unconditionally as Bishop in writing prior to my becoming an OTO initiate, I maintain I hold the succession of Baphomet, such as it is. Others are free to disagree; nobody questions my Full Apostolic Succession, which is what counts magically.

The "Baphomet descent" doctrine peculiar to the current OTO management was, in my opinion, a reaction to questions about their own Apostolic Succession, and nothing more, a silly over reaction typical of them. I also hold the Latter Day Saints succession through Bishop Conway, and the Doinel Succession through various consecrations. The Honorary Title of "Rabbi" was recently also given me by the Fellowship Assembly, which I accept in the sense of being a "teacher of spirituality" in the Reform Jewish tradition

It is my own conviction that verifiable spiritual powers are demonstrably attributable to various lineages of spiritual succession, be this the so-called "Succession of the Apostles" (which descends from the ancient Roman State Religion through Roman Christianity), various non-apostolic but similar lines of succession (Latter Day Saints, Doinel Gnostic, New Aeon, et al), or blood lineages as in the hereditary Hindu Brahmins or Hebrew Kohenim, from which I descend. I profess only two fundamental convictions in these endeavors: I advocate Scientific Illuminism, or the method of science employed in pursuit of the aims of religion, and I holds firmly to the conviction that the world as-it-is is sufficiently unsatisfactory that exploration of almost any ethical "out-of-the-box" alternative, however unconventional, is worth the effort. We consider this Tikkun Olam, the attempt to improve the world as envisioned in our native great Hebraic tradition.

I hold also with Tau Michael Bertiaux that "Apostolic Succession" is of value as a continuation of the most ancient priesthoods of Egypt and Rome through the Christian communion, and that special mystical powers "objectively" are transferred by consecration in these lineages. My particular assertion is that this can be objectively verified through scientific experimentation, similar to that performed in parapsychology with spiritual healers. The legend of Ormus, the Egyptian Priest converted in apostolic times to Christianity, and transforming Egyptian Rites into a mode suitable to the Aeon of Osiris is, at least allegorically, a fair hint of the orderly continuity between ancient Near Eastern religions and the Christian Succession in the Eastern Churches, making it a suitable vehicle for continuity in our times. In the Western Churches, the Apostolic Succession existed in the many currents of the long-enduring state religion of Rome, which can be traced to the early Roman ruler Numa Pompilius, founder of the College of Pontiffs and the office of Pontifex Maximus, hundreds of years before Pauline Christianity; passing through the Roman Imperial State as one with the Emperor as Pontifex Maximus from the time of Julius Caesar until the Christian Emperor Gratian renounced the title in 379 E.V., apparently in favor of the Bishop of Rome, Pope Damasus I. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, "The title pontifex was used of Roman Catholic bishops and pontifex maximus of the pope by the end of the 4th century." The continuity from the most ancient spiritual sources should be obvious here, and its historical value in continuity for the New Aeon equally valid, all other considerations and theories aside.

The following apostolic lineages are quite well documented. Others are also quite well documented and available for suitable historical research purposes.

**Abbey of Al Qiyamah Lineages**


(This constitutes the full succession of Rome, through Pope Urban VIII, his Archbishop of Rheims, the Archbishop of Mieux, and the subsequent accepted lineage of the Dutch Old Catholic Church through Archbishop Gerardus Gul.)

Gerardus Gul consecrated Arnold Harris Mathew on 28 April 1908, 

who consecrated Frederick Samuel Willough on 28  October 1914, James Ingall Wedgwood on 13 February 1916, Irving Steiger Cooper on 13 July 1919, Charles H. Hampton on 13 September 1931, Herman Adrian Spruit on 22 June 1957, Forest E. Gregory Barber on 15 June 1971, Michael Paul Bertiaux on 16 June 1971, Allen Henry Greenfield on 21 September 1986, who consecrated Michael McDonald 21, April 2018,  who consecrated Tau Moses Arizmendi Nahash in 31 October 2020


Start of Succession (Orthodox Succession of Antioch)

Abp. Julius Alvares consecrated Joseph René Vilatte -29 May 1892

who consecrated Paolo Miraglia - 6 May 1900 ,who consecrated Julien Houssaye - 4 December 1904, who consecrated Louis François Giraud- 21 July 1911, J who consecrated Jean Bricaud- 12 July 1913, who consecrated Victor Blanchard- 5 May 1918, Roger Menard - 7 January 1945, who consecrated Robert Ambelain- 10 June 1946, Roger Pommery -26 May 1958, Willer Vital-Herne-16 September 1967, who consecrated Roger Victor-Herard- 7 September 1970, Jorge Rodriguez - 6 January 1985, who consecrated Michael Paul Bertiaux- November 1985, who consecrated Allen Henry Greenfield- 21 September 1986 & 4 December 1986, who consecrated Michael McDonald 21, April 2018,  who consecrated Tau Moses Arizmendi Nahash in 31 October 2020


Jules Stanslas Doinel consecrated   Dr. Gerard Encausse in 1893,

who consecrated Dr. Theodor Reuss in 1900, who consecrated Sir Aleister Crowley in 1912, who consecrated Maj. Grady McMurtry in 1944, who consecrated Tau Silenus in 1983, who consecrated 
Tau Sir Hasirim (Allen Greenfield) in 1988, who consecrated Michael McDonald 21, April 2018,  who consecrated Tau Moses Arizmendi Nahash in 31 October 2020

Our Full list of Lineages can be found here:


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Abbey of Al Qiyamah - Ecclesia Gnostica Heterodoxa

Ecclesia Gnostica Heterodoxa

 is the Ecclesiastical arm of

The Thelemic Order,

and thus of

The Abbey of Al Qiyamah.

 The EGH ordains Clergy and performs sacraments.

As a node of Free Illuminism, The Abbey of Al Qiyamah has a distinct "clergy track" for those whose will it is to receive ordination.

The Holy Orders

Our Cleric Path is divided in two, the first is the Order Minor and the other the Order Major - or the Lesser and Greater Ordinations. The Lesser Ordinations explore the mysteries of the microcosmos. They are two in number, two “special offices” or ministries:

Minister of the word (Lector) and Minister of the altar (Acolyte)

The Greater Ordinations study the nature of the macrocosmos – the Mysteries of Light and Life. These are Deacon, Priest and Bishop.

The office of Prelate is administrative both regarding the Apostolic and Gnostic lineage and the outer manifestation of The Abbey of Al Qiyamah.

For those whose will it is to become clergy members of The Abbey of Al Qiyamah (a clergy-track is optional), upon application and acceptance, will become admitted to the Order of Lector, becoming a member of our clergy.

If there is no Temple location in close proximity, you will enter through our discussion forums including our Facebook “group” just for our clergy.  Lessons are delivered by webpage and email, and we meet weekly via zoom gatherings for regular mass, lectures, rituals, and degree work. Each summer we have a Convention, where Temple Masters, Clergy, and members convene for fellowship and in person degree work.

Upon successfully passing through all orders up to Priest, and a display of sufficient knowledge, you will be eligible to receive Holy Orders/Consecration as a Bishop within a valid apostolic and gnostic line, a line and authority that has been passed from Bishop to Bishop since antiquity.

Consecration can only be transferred by the ancient rite of laying on of hands, so when your spiritual formation is complete you will be required to make a trip to one of our Temple locations where one our Bishops will facilitate your rites.

If you are a Bishop that wishes to align with us, already working as a Thelemic, Alternative, Gnostic, Esoteric, (etc), clergy member, other forms of Ministry, or are performing the functions of a priest without ordination, have been, or are a deacon, you may be eligible for acceleration within our orders. If this is the case, and you are also interested in chartering a Temple of The Abbey of Al Qiyamah, please mention this to us upon our initial meeting.

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Friday Mass

Sundays Starting at 7:30pm EST


Private Midweek Ritual

Wednesday 7pm EST via Zoom